– CNC cutter with flame, plasma or laser torch
– cutting iron directly from AutoCAD or other drawing programs
– the possibility of making a hole in the Metal
– height detector
– automatic height adjustment
– longitudinal paths can be configured (expansion)
– cutting thickness :Plasma 1-60mm
– cutting thickness :Flame 6-200mm
(for larger cutting thickness please contact us)
CNC Plasma/Flame cutter CUTB2 – ACTION !!!
– cutting width up to 2m, cutting length expanded as needed
CNC Plasma/Flame cutter rezalica CUTB1
– cutting width up to 2,8m, cutting length expanded as needed
cnc cutter b1
CNC Plasma/Flame cutter CUTA2
– cutting width up to 4m, cutting length expanded as needed 3,6,9,12m…
cnc cutter a2
EXAMPLE: Cutting with CNC plasma cutter:
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Device for CNC Plasma cutter
1. Cutting speed: 1-3500mm / min
2. Cutting thickness: Plasma: 1~50(60)mm
3. Moving precision: 0.01mm/step
4. Power source:~220V,50Hz,500-1000W
5. Height range of Auto-adjustment:
Cantilever 80-130mm;Gantry 150-230mm
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Gear from Germany Panasonic servo motor
and drive
three phase AC
motor and drive



1. Cutting Torch One Flame cutting torch
or Plasma cutting Torch
2. Driving system AC servo motor, Panasonic
3. Decelerators NEUGUET from Germany
4. Ignition Equipment Automatic Ignition
5. Heigth adjust Handle control
6. Beeline leading rail ABBA from Taiwan
7. Cutting thickness Plasma Cutting:1~60mm
Flame Cutting:6~200mm
8. Max.No-loading speed About 6000mm/min
9. Cutting speed 50-750mm/min
10. Cutting accuracy ±0.2mm (whole stroke)
11. Repositioning accuracy ±0.2mm
12. Height accuracy ±0.2mm
13. Torch Adjusted Range 200mm
14. Power supply 1~220/3~380V±10% 50Hz±1%
15. Input Power 1000W
16. Oxygen gas( Flame ) 8×105Pa
___ Preheating Pressure 3.92×105Pa
17. Acetylene( Flame ) 0.49×105Pa
18. Power Supply( Plasma ) Hypertherm