COB-5, COB-8

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COB-5/-8 are machines with microcontroller for the production eyelets on the tension springs.

– speed control (0-100%)
– easy setup- knife stop in any position
– no dummy strike of knife

The full and half simple German hooks on the right or the left coiled tension springs can be produced by COB-5/-8 machine.
The side and double side German hooks and English hooks (only COB-5 up to 4mm wire) could be made by extra tooling.

The wire diameter range is: COB-5- from 2,0 mm to 5,2 mm and COB-8- from 3,5 mm to 8,0 mm.
The handling of machine is very simple.
First the machine tightens the spring and after that machine makes the hook. The tools are easily recognized and can be changed rapidly for other kinds of springs.

The advantages of our new generation of motor driven looping machines:

– our machine is equipped with frequency inverter which enable stopping knife in any position and double speed.
– speed regulation from 0 – 100%
– easy setup- possible stop in any position
– very precision adjusting of knife stroke with very long screw,
– very stable knife stroke during big series of running
– adjustment knife stroke during the machine running
– no dummy stroke, knife starts of moving always in same start position (short stroke for small spring diameter – all stroke is useful
– microprocessor control (enable hand knife moving, counting number of pieces and protect motor from overheating)
– good for small, middle and big serial production

– Option: Tooling for English loops
Our looper with standard tooling can make German ( Continental) loops :
half, full, closed, open, extended (high of loop =1,1 x spring outside diameter)

 COB – 5
 COB – 8
wire diam. [mm]   2,0 – 5,2   3,5 – 8,0
max spring diam   55 mm   105 mm
hourly output /h   ca. 1000   ca. 1000
working procedure Motor driven Motor driven
dimensions [mm] 330x600x800
(without table)
Standard accessories: -For whole wire range -For whole wire range
Option: English hooks  YES up to 4 mm wire

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