VITAFLORA 24 is professional device especially designed to perform irrigation needs through the root system and foliar spraying, in glasshouses or in open fields, for intensive plant production.
A number of additional functions make it really useful, because they are solving those functions which can only be solved by more other additional system controls.
The device has 5 inputs for connecting sensors which follow the conditions in the controlled area (temperature, moisture, light, pressure…) and it has 24 outputs. All the outputs can be used for controlling the irrigation, the last eight output units the user can program for special means like: water pump, main valve, heaters, artificial lighting opening and closing the openings for ventilation, foggers etc.
Thanks to the dialog, the device leads the operator through the whole programming, therefore no special knowledge is required to operate the device.
· 10 independent programs
· up to12 startup times daily for each program
· time for irrigation from one second up to 13 hours for every turning on for each station
· each station can be called by each program
· cycles of 1 to 31 day, arranged separately for each program
· single or reacuring cycles for each program
· determining current cycle day for each program
· clock, does not depend on the energy supply
· automatic or manual mode of work
· list of activated programs and watering stations
· liquid crystal display with 4×20 symbols, back lighted
· delay between stations in progressive activation from 0 seconds to 60 minutes
· memorizing without battery
· change of acting from 1 to 255 % for all activated programs at once and/or for each program separately
· 12 months warranty
· device has temperature and over current protection
· additional possibilities:
– measuring and regulation of two temperatures
– measuring and regulation of two moistures by fogging and ventilating
– measuring and operating of artificial light
– measuring and regulating pressure
– operating of sprayers
– not allowing function of output stations
– selecting and rejoining inputs and outputs with special functions