MACHINE WITH 1 finger (Torington)


– Repairing and retrofiting

The complete repairing and retrofitting of old clutch or segment
coilers on two, tree, four or more axes CNC spring coiling machines
– latest technical solutions: servo drives, servo geared motors,
CNC control with industrial PC computer, touch screen,…
– PC base software (touchscreen)
– network (TCP/IP)
– updating by internet
– all necessary mechanical reconstruction
– replacement the bearings, broken and wrong parts
– new wireing, new electrical parts
– machine modification toward to CE,UL, safety directives (safety switches, protection covers,..)
– painting
– putting machine into first service
– works and machine modification toward to customer demands

1 Finger


Four servo CNC axes equipped with Lenze (Germany) servo drives, servo motors
– Touch screen with ASEL CNC software ( Windows 7 base software)
– remote control and updating by internet
– Replacing all bad bearings
– Necessary mechanic reconstruction
– New electric wiring
– Protection covers



-Using this page, you can move all axis, both directions, using yellow buttons
-The header contains logo, type and name of last used program, current time and SWITCH OFF button.
-Speed of each movement in a hand command mode, you can set using sliders on the top row of picture, or by typing values in the fields.
-Red lamps on the right side show current status.
-Comment line is above footer. Remain quantity for production is shown down left.
-Footer contains buttons for navigation between the pages.


The first step in programming is to select type of spring which you want to make.
Touching on related picture, you will get drawing of selected type of spring,
with numerical fields where you can put data of each spring segment.
-Depending of spring type, on the drawing you will get more or less fields for numerical data which determine the appearance of a spring.
-For extension spring you have only one field for number of coils, and one field for outside spring diameter.
Additional information for calculations is diameter of wire, dW.

Entrence with permission