COB-1, COB-2

COB2                     COB1

COB-1/-2 are machines for the production German Eyelets on the tension springs.
The full and half simple German hooks (side and double German hooks and English hooks are also possible using the additional tools) on the right or the left coiled tension springs. Tooling for cutting wire (in same wire range) are extra accesorries.

The COB-1 has wire diameter range from 0,5 mm to 1,2 mm.
The COB-2 has wire diameter range from 1,0 mm to 2,2 mm.
The handling of machines is very simple.

The spring is fixed by operating just one hand lever before making loop. The tools are easily recognized and can be changed rapidly for other kinds of springs.

Type of device: COB-1 COB-2
Wire range (mm): 0,5 – 1,2 1,0 – 2,2
Outside spring diameter range (mm): 3,0 –15 (18) 8 -30,0
Weight: ca. (kg): 6 9
Dimension H*L*B (mm): 400*180*45 500*220*55
Extra tooling: English hook English hook
cutter cutter